The Hazards of Taking Over the World

minionSince Dave and Lee have taken it upon themselves to write about workers’ comp claims and the corresponding ICD-10 codes for their favorite characters I figured I’d be a copycat and join the fun. It’s the Friday before RIMS and everyone seems to be laying low and staying out of trouble in the workers’ comp world. No news is good news I suppose?

As the resident female influence in this motley crue I’m going to steer clear of the comic book heroes, sports stars and video game characters and turn to a much more adorable set of workers, the minions from “Despicable Me”.

These wonderful little yellow guys(?) are loyal employees of Gru and his partner Dr. Nefario. Though they have a lot of fun, it is important to remember that they have a dangerous job. They take precautions and wear protective gear like goggles, gloves and a thick pair of overalls but in the end sometimes they get hurt. It’s not like they woke up that morning and expected to be zapped by a Freeze Ray. Gru knows all of their names and is an affectionate employer, but accidents do happen.

Here are some of the dangers of the job and possible ICD-10 codes for our lovable minions:

  • Remember when Dave (the minion, not the author of this blog) got overly excited as Gru was unveiling his latest scheme and fired his rocket launcher on several co-minions?

Y37271A– Military operations involving fragments from weapons, civilian, initial encounter

T2009XA– Burn of unspecified degree of multiple sites of head, face and neck, initial encounter

H9313– Tinnitus, bilateral

  • When the minions were crawling through the ventilation duct, Stuart unfortunately had his back wrenched when he was cracked to become a “minion-glowstick” so they could navigate the dark duct. Hang in there, Stu!

M545– Low back pain

M62830– Muscle spasm of back

S29012A- Strain of muscle and tendon of back wall of thorax, initial encounter

  • Poor Jorge got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time when the Shrink Ray effects wore off and Gru’s ship sprung back to its original size, hitting him in the head in the process.

V899XXA– Person (minion) injured in unspecified vehicle accident, initial encounter

V0400XA– Pedestrian on foot injured in collision with heavy transport vehicle or bus in nontraffic accident, initial encounter

S06330S– Contusion and laceration of cerebrum, unspecified, without loss of consciousness, sequel

  • Kevin definitely had a bad day at the office when he was shrunk by Gru as he attempted to demonstrate the power of the Shrink Ray.

Y366X1A- War operations involving biological weapons, civilian, initial encounter

R461– Bizarre personal appearance

  • Bob is still out orbiting the atmosphere above Earth after suffering the nasty effects of anti-gravity serum. Paid time-off?

T68XXXS- Hypothermia, sequela

R6062– Shortness of breath

R42– Dizziness and giddiness

A881– Epidemic vertigo

It was sometimes necessary for the people who handled these claims to use a translation service, as not all of the minions spoke a language that adjusters, doctors and the like were able to understand. It appears that the minions were well-taken care of, since there was a subsequent encounter of the “Despicable Me” movie and allegedly there is a planned minions-only movie in the works too. It is nice to know that in between evil scheming, Gru looks out for his faithful workers.


For an added bonus here’s some typical “Water Cooler” time at the office:

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