Throwback: Firefighter / MMA Fighter “The Noodle” Busted For Workers’ Comp Fraud

MMA 07-18-2013Some con artists are incredibly deceptive, calculated and shrewd in the execution of their well thought-out schemes. Others, not so much. Guess which category this guy falls into.

Rafael “The Noodle” Davis was arrested in April 2012 for Workers’ Compensation fraud. Davis worked as a firefighter in Los Angeles, and from 2008-2011 filed for workers’ compensation. He left the firehouse after declaring himself ‘unfit to do his job.’

Unfortunately for him, investigators allege that Davis was participating in local Mixed Martial Arts fights during this time under his fighting moniker “The Noodle”. Prosecutors filed four counts of insurance fraud against Davis, who they claim trained and competed in MMA during the time he was collecting workers’ compensation from the fire department.

In September 2012 Davis entered into a plea agreement to reduce his charge to a misdemeanor, after completing community service.

This could serve as a major blow to The Noodle’s burgeoning fighting career. He was actually pretty tough in the octagon, with a 12-2 record. Sadly for his alleged alter ego as a fraudster, his local MMA success probably brought more attention to him and made things much easier for his investigators.

I’m left scratching my head on how he thought he could get away with this one. Especially knowing that KCAL could easily find YouTube videos of him training in 2010 and competing in 2008, while “disabled.”

Honor the name, man. With a spine-tingling alias like “The Noodle,” I really expected more.

Source (backgroud): CBS News

Source (plea deal): Sherdog

If you’re curious at all about “The Noodle’s” fighting history, you can check out his fighter profile here.

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