Top 6 Reasons to Improve Your Claim System

Top_6_Reasons_To_Improve_The_Integration_of_Your_Claims_Systems-e1364230543892With NCCI 2013 in our rear view mirror, I felt it was time look forward and deal with the issues that were outlined at the conference. This year’s theme – “Walking the tight rope to recovery” described a future that looked more promising, but still fraught with peril. I was reminded of our White Paper, which we call our “Top 6” that Jerry Poole wrote last year.

In this white paper, Jerry outlines the major reasons companies should look to improve their claim system.

Here are a couple:

  • Elimination of claims leakage and overpayment – As medical continues to become the lion share of claims’ dollars (2/3rd of total, said one NCCI board member), this directly relates to increased quantity and complexity of bills. Add to that the ICD-10 changes, and it’s no wonder that bills are sneaking through without proper scrutiny or adjustment.
  • Streamlined direction of care – Relying on manual implementation of jurisdictionally-based and client-based rules is problematic, as personnel require significant training and may still end up applying rules inconsistently.

The theme of Jerry’s whitepaper is clear – The world of Workers’ Comp is getting more complex. And the costs of inefficiency are rising as well.

Give it a read. Let me know what you think!

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