Watch Your Speed if you Drive in OREGON!!

speed limitIn a totally unrelated workers’ compensation post but one that I found interesting because let’s face it we all speed at some time or another.  Whether we are on a highway, late to an event, or just out joyriding at some time or another we have all broken the speed limit.  Maybe some of us have paid the fine for doing it once or twice, maybe some of us have never been caught (knock on wood).

61 year old Gregory Zaser, of Washington state had just purchase a brand new Ducati motorcycle.  Wanting to see what his new Ducati could do, as there are very fast bikes, decided to take it for a joy ride and cruised down the highway into the state of Oregon.  This is where his luck would change.

He was pulled over by the Oregon State Police, they clocked him going 130 mph in a 55 mph zone.  The fine that he received was, wait for it, wait for it, $1,103.00.  That is one hefty speeding ticket, I myself have paid a fine here and there before, but nothing to the tune of this amount of money.  According to the State Police this is the automatic fine for going more than 100 mph in the state of Oregon.  Zaser could also have his license suspended.

Bottom line is there usually is no need to be doing 100 mph at any given time, but if that is the automatic fine in Oregon than I can only assume that the rest of their speeding fines are high.  So watch your speed out there on the West Coast.

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